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Things that make me Angry

2007-12-10 20:44:19 by Miren2k

I can't explain how happy I am, for someone that only started using flash in the summer - and I havnt used it since (just because i didn't have time with all my work and tkd) until 2 weeks ago to do this new animation for an assignment.

I don't think many people have managed to get to the front page of NG with their .. 5th animation (thats in TOTAL including my first ever which was just a few seconds long which i did on the first day i got flash and including 'Break It' which i did in about 20minute) the feeling I'm getting when I look on the front page and i'm next to amazing animations by real experts is just great!

I think this animation has really helped put me on the spot, I will make a sequel due to popular demand and I hope I make more people laugh :)

this sequel will include:

- 3 sketches (nice number)
- I will learn to make a scene select
- I will do a non stick sketch (for my first time) so that people can crit it and help me in that area

If anybody has any good ideas - please throw them at me here, I've already got one idea which will be the last sketch because it will feature the stick man from the current animation (he will have a sowed head) haha..

Future Animations

2007-07-26 14:25:07 by Miren2k

So, I only signed up to NG yesterday, I seem to have made a little impact here =]
I've only been using flash about 2 weeks now yet everyone seems to love my second animation, which i'm very chuffed about, thanks for all the support people!
I'm still learning how to use NG a bit, I've been on SFDT for a week or so, and I can say NG is a lot better, there are a lot more people here and a lot more options and it's fairly competitive which I like.

Anywayz YAY to my 4 fans and to the 13 people that have selected Speed as one of their fav animations, i'm loving it seriously. And i've taken all the criticism on board to make better animations in the future

Now to update my fans ^_^ i'm currently working on a short 3rd animation just to learn new skills and express new ideas I have, it is none violent apart from 1 gunshot at the end so most of you will find it boring but i'm hoping some people will apreciate the concepts

I'm also working on a collab with 2 other animators, I have lots of new dieas to bring into the animating community so i'm managing this project, and showing them what I want in this collab (it will be a lot different from most other collabs and I will leave the surprise for when it comes out) it was going to be a small project but now it is gonna be like a short film - it will have 2 major fights in it and it has a good story line, we are currently working on storyboarding it.

=] - miren2k

EDIT: LOL the collab never happend btw! I was too busy with college